D P Controls LLP

Process Automation

We serve the oil and gas, power and nuclear industries with precision instruments that measure pressure, level, temperature and flow. No company builds a better product, and no company backs their products with better warranties or better customer service. SOR products are the standard for quality, reliability and durability.

One reason for our continued worldwide growth is the willingness to listen to our customers´ specific needs and develop customized solutions to meet those needs. In fact, a majority of the products SOR manufactures and delivers are specially engineered to order. New products continue to be engineered and developed that integrate features such as wireless and smart technologies.

There are SOR instruments built decades ago that are still in the field, in the harshest environments, doing their jobs every minute of every day. In 1993, SOR earned the highest level of quality registration - ISO:9001 - and we´ve continued to achieve that goal every year since. Quality is the hallmark of our products.

  • Pressure

  • Differential Pressure

  • Temperature

  • Level

  • Flow

  • Nuclear Qualified Products

  • Valves & Controls


  • Explosion Proof

  • Hermetically Sealed

  • Weather Proof

Pressure Switch

  1. Type: Explosion Proof, Hermetically sealed, Weather Proof
             Mini/Sub Mini/Big Hermit, Dual HI-LO, Pivot Seal,
             adjustable Dead Band, 805QS, Bourdon Tube, Omni,
             Weatherproof with Terminal Block Connections
  2. Range: 100 - 10000 psi, 30 In HG VAC to 7000 psi, 1bar VAC to 480 bar
  3. Certification: ATEX, UL/CSA, GOST R, INMETRO, RTN, SIL,

Pressure Transmitter

  1. Type: Explosion Proof, Immersible
             805PT, 805QS, 815DT, 815PT, Immersible Fixed
  2. Range: 5 to 30,000 psi, 0 - 138 in H2O
  3. Certification: ATEX, CRN, Dual Seal (Canada), FM (US and
             Canada), INMETRO

Differential Pressure

  • Explosion Proof

  • Hermitically Sealed

  • Weather proof

Differential Pressure Switch

  1. Type: Explosion proof, Hermetically Sealed, Weather proof
             Mini / Big Hermet, Dual Opposed Diaphragm,
             Single Diaphragm, High Static Operations,
             Low Pressure. Opposed Piston
  2. Range: 0.25 in WCD - 75 psid to 7 in WC - 2500 psid
  3. Certification: INMETRO, RTN, SIL, UL,CSA, TestSafe (SAA),
             GOST R, ATEX, CE

Differential Pressure Transmitter

  1. Type: Explosion Proof
  2. Range: 0 - 138" H2O (0 - 5 psid) to 0 - 500 psid
  3. Certification: ATEX, CRN, Dual Seal (Canada), FM (US and


  • Explosion Proof

  • Hermitically Sealed

  • Weather proof

Temperature Switch

  1. Type: Explosion Proof, Hermetically Sealed, Weatherproof
             Mini/Big Hermit, Direct or Remote Mount, Dual HI-LO,
             Weatherproof switch with Terminal Block
  2. Range: -45° to 540°C
  3. Certification: INMETRO, RTN, SIL, UL / CSA, Testsafe
             (SAA), ATEX, GOST R

Temperature Sensor

  1. Type: RTDs, Thermocouples, General Purpose, Multipoint-
             Assemblies, Thermowells, Transmitters,
  2. Certification: NACE Certification for well, NIST


  • Chambered

  • Compact

  • RF

  • Top Mount

  • Ultrasonic

  • Wireless

Level Switch

  1. Type: Chambered, Compact, RF Level, Top Mount,
             Ultrasonic Wireless, 1100 Series Magnetic
             Level Indicator
             Flanged, Sealed, Side Mounted, Stream Trap,
             1510 Side Mounted, 1520 Electric Flow,
             1530 Pneumatic, 1550 Top Mounted, 1710 Compact,
             MultiPoint, Float, Vertical Displacer, Dual Point,
             Single Point, 1780 Wireless, 1100 Series
  2. Range: vac to 5000 psig, -54° to 649°C
  3. Certification: ATEX, CRN, CSA(US and Canada), KOSHA,
             RTN, SIL, TestSafe(SAA), UL, FM, INMETRO, GOST R

Level Transmitter

  1. Type: DP, RF, Submersible
             815DT, 670 Series, 510LT, 510SF
  2. Range: 0-138in H2O(0-5psid) to 0-500 psid, upto 140m
  3. Certification: ATEX, CRN, Dual Seal(Canada), FM(US and
             Canada), CSA, INMETRO


  • OEM

  • Thermal Differential

  • Vane Operated

Flow Switch

  1. Type: OEM, Thermal Differential, Vane operated,
             Explosion Proof
             1520OEM, T21, 900 Series, 815DT Smart Diff PT

    1. Range: vac to 5000psi, -40 to 427°C, 0-138 in H2O (0-5 psid) to 0-500 psid
    2. Certification: ATEX, CRN, CSA, GOST R, INMETRO, RTN,
               SINGLE SEAL, SL, SIL, UL.

Nuclear Qualified Products

  • NDPS_131

  • Pressure Switch

  • Temperature Switch


  1. Nuclear Qualified Differential Pressure Switch Model L131 & 141
  2. Nuclear Qualified Pressure Switch Model N6, PS & TA
  3. Nuclear Qualified Temp Switch Model : N6, TS , RT, TS, TA
  4. Compliant: 10CFR50, Appendix b
                    ANSI N45.2
                    NQA-1 (including reporting)
                    ASME Section III, subsection NC and ND
  5. Qualified: by a combination of testing and analysis
                  IEEE-323-1974 & 1983
                  IEEE-344-1975 & 1987
  6. Audited   Nuclear Procurement Issues Committee (NUPIC)
                  Nuclear Industry Assessment Committee (NIAC)
                  Canadian Technical Standard & Safety Authority               (TSSA) N285.0

Valves & Controls

  • 1450_Control-Valve

  • Liquid Level Controller

Control Valves

1450 Close-Coupled Control (Dump) valve (NACE Certified)

Designed to meet the high pressure and erosive applications common to the oil and gas industry. These valves are ideally suited for process media control applications including: controlling liquid level on 2 or 3 phase gas separators, gas dehydrators, compressors, scrubbers, heater treaters and well test systems, as well as other oil field equipment.

1451 Freezless control (Dump) valve

Perfectly suited for fluid control in oil and gas separators and other process vessels. The plug and seat are able to be constantly submerged in the process media due to the valve body design, thus giving the valve its "freezeless" characteristic. NACE MR0175 compliance option

Level Controller

1600/1601 Liquid Level Controller

Rugged and versatile design and are ideal for oilfield scrubber and separator applications. The 1600 series controllers are available in pneumatic snap and throttling pilots, or electric SPDT and SPDT limit switches; direct or reverse action; with a variety of displacer sizes, materials, and vessel connections

Pressure Regulator

1267AFR-2 High Flow Capacity
Range 0-30, 0-60, 0-120 psi